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How to buy:

As in real life, the customer may browse the products and if he so chooses, place them in the basket. After having selected the desired product(s) the customer is redirected to make the payment.

If the customer hasn't yet done the login he will be redirected to the store's login interface, where he will validate his entry or create a new account.

Secure Payment

We use a commerce solution that ensures the protection of the transactions.

A garantee is given that all bank information, supplied when an order is confirmed, will be transmitted in an encrypted way after the transaction, thus avoiding piracy risks.

Sending the license(s)

As soon as the payment has been confirmed, an email is sent to the customer with the respective license(s) purchased to the email address registered in his personal account.

In normal conditions the sending of licenses is immediately processed right after the payment confirmation.

If the customer detects any delay in the sending of the email he can access the area in his account and check his account informations. Then in "My Orders" he should click on "Orders made" and a list will be shown of every order made by the customer. For each order there's a "View" button, when the customer clicks on this button, he may consult the order details. If the store has already received the confirmation of payment of that order, A "Resend license" button will be available at the right side of the button "Back". Clicking on the "Resend license" button will resend the email with the purchased license(s) to the email that's registered in the customer's account.

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